Artist info


Hip Hop, Roots

Sounds like

Roots, J5, some r'n'b stuff...

band members

4 MC's, 4 Singers & 1 DJ.


Marley, Norman Cook, Blackalicous


Formed in 2005, Massive Sound System is a young Hip-Hip/ R’n’B collaborative consisting of Australian & Papua New Guinean musicians. With phat beats, tasty chord structure and finger lickin melodies, they have a sound kinda like fried chicken; it’s bad for you but tastes good and always leaves you wanting more. Some songs are easy to digest while others songs may make you choke when you hear the lyrics. Influenced by the group’s mixed race, culture and background they have created a distinct flavour which they can call their own. There are nine members in the group with additional singers and musicians who have helped collaborate to record this first album. This large pool of artists acts as an endless resource for ideas and writing material. The result is a diverse sounding debut with tracks like ‘Yesu’ and ‘Lead Guitar History’ telling interesting stories that act as ear candy. Alternate tracks like ‘Kallup’ and ‘Mummy Shaker’ combine other genres like House & Breaks to concoct floor fillers suited for dance clubs. The album does have a serious side to it which is evident in the skits found throughout. Each skit tells a story about the overall album theme; Pride, Neglect & Greed. This helps the groups address serious issues in a not-so-serious manner keeping the album appealing to the young and young at heart. Massive Sound System released its first four tracks to commercial radio in PNG late 2005/ early 2006. Each track made it to national radio successfully because of their commercial appeal. Two of these tracks went on to ‘high-rotation’ on national radio. This was due to high demand by listeners on a frequent basis. These early tracks released in Papua New Guinea generated enough hype in the media to establish an “Up and Rising” status for Massive Sound System. The track “Everywhere was so well received by commercial radio that within weeks it gained national airplay in Fiji and other south pacific islands. The positive press coverage and extensive airplay led to talks with CHM who are PNG’s largest recording label and distributor in the South Pacific resulting in a contract for distribution in PNG, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands.