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Madchild, D12

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Tech N9ne, Swollen Members



Mastacraft has seen more highs & lows in his short career and personal life than many see in a lifetime. Hailing from overseas Patrick Whyntie moved with family to regional South Australia where during high school he developed an outlet for lifes issues in Hip-Hop. Inspired in his early teens by the likes of Tech N9ne, the Australian battle scene & Eminem Mastacraft would feel a sense of accomplishment that he has gone on now to tour twice alongside Tech N9ne nationally & collaborated with members of D12 frequently since as young as 17. In 2011 he was the public vote winner of the Nova 919 I am with the band competition with his highly praised song Ease The Pain. Doors where beginning to open landing several major tours with The Game, Kid Cudi, Nelly & many more as he began to tour relentlessly around Australia honing his craft completely independent.

It was time for an album, enter F**k You Patrick!.

And there it is, now you know who he is the guy who had a chair thrown at him by Xzibit! No stranger to controversy Mastacraft titled his album after worldwide media outlets such as TMZ published a viral beef with veteran rapper Xzibit (which eventuated in Xzibit praising the album); see a negative turned into a huge positive & he was gaining a small but fast growing cult like online following, a peak of 36 in the iTunes charts, international press & an online buzz this attracted DMX's publicist Domenick Nati to begin repping the Australian MC internationally.

Unfortunately Mastacraft was fighting the battle of his life behind the scenes, shortly after his 2016 sold out tour in support of veteran MC Madchild & prior to the release of F**k You Patrick! he was diagnosed with stage 2 oral cancer & needed immediate treatment. This led to a grueling year weight loss, depression & worst of all the loss of his outlet but that would not stop his drive & he was determined to beat it. Even bandaged up he was regularly online to his fans promoting the album from his hospital bed live streaming. If you listen to this album it is about fighting, finding that inner drive to keep going in the darkest of moments, a love ode to a girl, heartbreak, broken teenagers dealing with suicidal thoughts & you can grasp if he overcame everything he raps about on record, it was inevitable that after a third surgery he had beaten cancer completely.

Mastacraft has since found a mentor & friend in Swollen Members general Madchild during his time away from the stage. He has been re calibrating, mending broken bridges & is working closely on his next album Uppers & Downers while making up for lost time promoting his current one.

Stay tuned for what this MC has to offer & remember you can always reach out to speak to him.