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Pop, Roots

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Tom McGrath - Guitar and Lap Steel. James Pasinis - Guitar & Good Looks. Alistair O'Brien - Bass. Max Whiteman - Drums. Aidan McDonald - Vox & Percussion. Ben Mackie - Vox & Guitar.


Wilco, Bright Eyes, Whiskeytown

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The Messengers, The Kremlin Succession


Welcome to my sweet decline. A place I've never been before. Master Gunfighters formed in mid 2011, when a bunch of Melbourne muso's (from bands The Thod, The Polites and Mass Cult to name a few) joined together to create something a little different to that of their other groups. More rooted in American blues/country music their sound is bittersweet and melancholy at times, rompy and chugging like a steam train at others but still with a very Melbourne sound driving it at heart: Melbourncana, as we in the business like to call it (not really, I just made that up then - But I like it). Enjoy Master Gunfighters and hopefully you'll be seeing them across the bar really soon. Cheers