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Indie, Roots

Sounds like

Chris Isaak, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Jim Croce

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Matt Angell


folk, country, roots, blues



Growing up in Karratha, a small mining town in the
Pilbara on Western Australia's Northwest coast.
Matt’s first
steps into music began when a kindly school
teacher lent him an old guitar which had blown out
the back of a
'Mini Moke’ and a sheet of paper with a few chords
written on it. He managed to get the odd lesson
here and
there when he could but mainly taught himself to
play from books and old records. The rugged
landscape and
isolation of the Pilbara gradually infused itself into
his songwriting and music. Inspired by great artists
Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen and Neil Young, he
took these influences to form his own unique and
distinguishable sound.
Being somewhat of a nomad, Matt has spent much
of his adult life coming and going here and there,
scratching out a living playing music or doing the
odd real job when times get a little tough. As such
he has
performed in all far-flung corners of Australia, from
Mining Towns on the West Coast, Darwin and the
surrounds of the Northern Territory, 5 Star Hotels
in Capital Cities, Cooktown and Far North
Queensland to the
tropical Islands of The Whitsundays.
2004 saw the release of his debut self-titled album.
This set the ball rolling, sometimes forward…
backward. Always perfecting his songwriting and
the craft of making a cohesive album of work. In
2009 he
released his second full album ’The Blue Light
Matt moved back to Perth in 2012 and built himself
a home studio. His first foray into recording his
own music
and a big learning curve. He built the studio,
bought the gear, learned how to use it, wrote the
songs and
recorded the music. From that studio came the EP
'5 Songs' and 2014's album 'Are You Ready'.
With itchy feet, he hit the road again in 2015 and
ended up back in good ol' Airlie Beach.
Queensland had
always been kind to Matt and has allowed him to
get a foot in the door to the Festival circuit, with
opportunity to play at 2015's 'Airlie Beach Festival
of Music', 'QBBBB Festival' and ' Beef to Reef
He has since been a regular of ‘The Airlie Beach
Festival of Music’ with further performances in
2016, 2017 & 2018.
October 2018 saw a new album
‘Circles’, recorded over two weeks at ‘The Bomb
Shelter Studios’ in
Nashville, Tennessee. It was a dream come true
for Matt to work with such high-level musicians
and world class
producer ’Andrija Tokic’. “Nashville really is a
musical machine. But I feel I’ve managed to keep
own identity and style and bring it to a new place,
but with a Nashville twist”.
Matt's new tune 'Beating Of Your Heart' was recorded with Tony Fosey in December 2020 at his home studio in Jubilee Pocket, Queensland...a very different year indeed?