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Indie, Roots

Sounds like

Ben Catley, Xavier Rudd, Tallest Man On Earth, Jeff Lang

band members

Matt Cal


Courtney Barnett, Matt Gresham, Carla Geneve, Angus and Julia Stone, Dope Lemon, fourth State



“I’m just trying to be a great singer/songwriter,” Cal says. “I’m not overly worried about the genre, it’s always about the song. Gutsy but intimate, I guess, is how I do it.”

Matt Cal seems laidback enough but he’s a busy soul. For half of his life he’s pursued music vigorously with a bona fide hard work ethic, a raft of EP and single releases complementing literally hundreds of gigs along the way.

From the Grosvenor Hotel’s Club Acoustica sessions and the Indi Bar’s Open Mic nights in the mid-late ‘90s, to shows up and down the coast of WA, throughout the 2000s, Cal has honed his craft as a songwriter and performer.

Since 2009 he has released a live EP, Bommi Rok (2009, set for a 2020 re-recorded release), studio EP Overdrive (2011) - which picked up WAM ‘Blues Song Of The Year’ in 2011 and another nomination a year later. 2015 saw a third EP, Live At The Ellington. It's been a while between release's with a young family on the up, presenting music on Perth's RTRFM show 'Rockin The Roots' yada yada yada yada. Now is the time....

Cal also has four new tracks mastered by US ambient producer/songwriter Taylor Dupre ready for release in 2020 and an acoustic roots piece mixed and mastered by Perth’s own Lee Buddle of Crank Recording coming out this side of Christmas.

2020 is looking like a good year to release music


Review by Nkechi Anele Nkechi Anele

10 Jan 2020

Triple J

I dig the way that this tune personifies the ocean and the swell of the sea.

I dig the way that this tune personifies the ocean and the swell of the sea.