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Roots, Indie

Sounds like

John Butler Trio, Bon Iver, Tommy Emmanuel

band members

Matt Nelson - everything.


Tommy Emmanuel, Bon Iver, John Butler


It is rare that a soloist possess the ability to routinely thrill, surprise and captivate an audience. Matt Nelson has made an art of capturing the attention and admiration of audiences of all walks, even in venues filled with televisions, pool tables and disinterested punters. At almost every show, Nelson is asked to join a band or give guitar lessons. Phone numbers go flying about. At least one woman will loudly exclaim "oh my God!" The owner of the venue excitedly demands that he return soon. How many artists do you know who can do that? Matt Nelson's thoroughly entertaining performances showcase his unique finger-style and compositional prowess on the guitar. His approachable signature style of folk-rock is characterised by sweet, angular hooks and warm, textural vocals which pepper the music with vivid imagery. Nelson's extensive repertoire of original music is a cross-sectional of the rollicking, the intricate, the disarming and the ethereal--all with one voice, and one guitar. He has drawn favourable comparisons to Tommy Emmanuel, Jeff Martin, Bon Iver, Simon & Garfunkel and John Butler.