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Matt Stillert

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Matt Stillert - Vocals, Guitars, Percussion




Matt Stillert' unique style ranges from soothing folk melodies, to high energy, foot stomping blues. Displaying a dynamic blend of roots music. His EP release "Don't Fear The Beard" from early 2012 demonstrated his promising debut. Since then he has re released the EP as "Don't Fear The Beard - Reissue" with 3 exciting new tracks. Using a mixture of acoustic, cigar box, lap steel, electric guitars, and percussion. And soulful vocals with gusto. There is a real contrast from the rich layered recordings, to is raw, high energy live shows. The opening track "Little Yellow Wand" maintained a #1 position on the Unearthed Roots Charts with airplay on Roots n All, has been featured on compilation CDs with Austep Music, Drum Media and Impress magazines, has been used in surf documentaries, and has been featured on all kinds of projects. (find the Little Yellow Wand video at With "RUMBLE" Matt displays a more playful, raw side. Whereas "the Iris" is a soulful, hipnotic number. J.Press:WHATS "RUMBLE" ABOUT? Matt: It's just making fun of drunk dudes that think they have to fight to prove something every time they get drunk. J.Press: AND THE IRIS? Matt: It's a refection of the state of our precious earth, and a plea to go with peace and value. But most of all, it's a reminder not to forget to play. J.Press WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THE FUTURE? Matt: I'm moving up the east coast of Oz to grow some veggies, play more festivals, and just roam around sharing my music with people. J.Press: WHERE CAN PEOPLE CATCH YOUR SHOW? Matt: I've moved from Adelaide to live on the sunshine coast and around Queensland for a while, and will be playing shows up and down the east coast so visit my website for all updates at". Well if you like Matt's tunes give them a Rate and download them. If you would like to buy the full reissue EP it's available on Itunes. But most of all, do yourself a favour and get to one of Matts live shows as I've seen him live a few times now and he just leaves me wanting more. B D Press


Reviewed by Sarah Howells Sarah Howells

05 Dec 2012

Triple J

Beautiful tune! ...

Beautiful tune! Simple instrumentation, but you paint some beautiful images with your lyrics... Very nice!

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25 Jun 2013


So beautiful, ev...

So beautiful, everything about this song is perfect :)

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21 Jun 2013


Love this song. ...

Love this song. Beautiful voice, awesome bluegrass guitar, why is this not main stream!

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