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From an onslaught of high energy, alternative blues- to sweet, folk singer/songwriter melodies. Vocals that wail with gusto and guarantee to amp the crowd, or gently and soulfully caress the heart strings of those inclined., Tom Waits, Jack White, Dan Auerback, Bob Dylan

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Matt Stillert


everything; mushrooms, home grown tomatoes, listening to music I cant stand, herbal tea, the morning mist in a cattle paddock, floor toms, raw honey, captain beefheart, jack london, blank paper, anywhere quiet.........., everything I hear influences my music, especially the things I find heartless and mundane. When I hear a piece of music that I find abhorrent, I get to sharpening my blade, and prepare to return fire



Matt Stillert describes his sound as an "Alternative Blues Onslaught", and considering the high energy of his live shows and the pool of blood and sweat he leaves on stage, this is an accurate description.
   But there's much more to this Adelaide born troubadour. With his musical work branching deep into poetic lyrical imagery, and a songwriting style that captures a unique look at the world. His musical ramblings jump from soothing folk melodies and acapella, to high energy foot stomping blues/rock, displaying a dynamic blend of blues-roots influenced music. With a unique voice inspired by the likes of Tom Waits, Dan Auerbach and Bob Dylan, and an unorthodox and sometimes jarring guitar sound, the bearded bluesman delivers a treasure chest of original material.
   His debut 2012 release "Don't Fear the Beard" demonstrated his promising debut, selling out the first and second pressings, as well as topping the unearthed roots charts and gaining some solid airtime on Triple J and community radio around Australia.
   Matt's debut album "Shoe Boycotter" is due for release September 2015, with the first release "Four Diggers" gaining a massive response around Australia in early 2015.    
   With the addition of a drummer to his live sets in 2015 , the blues weapon will be displaying his full range of live sounds. Do your eyes a favor, and your ears a solid, and catch the man in action."


Adam Scriven

11 Nov 2015


Love Matt's work. Keep it coming

Love Matt's work. Keep it coming