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Hip Hop

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one day as a lion, ecca vandal, Over-Reactor


Rage Against the Machine , Will Smith, The Herd

Unearthed artists we like

Over-reactor, ECCA VANDAL


Matt Xander is the anti-rapper. He is not concerned about hip hop traditions and wouldn’t know Tupac from Toucan Sam. His music fuses hip hop with punk, funk and dance. He writes protest songs for the Netflix generation. Matt brings a new wave of energy that revitalises hip hop.

Growing up with a passionate dislike of hip hop, Matt changed his mind when a friend pointed out the dude from Rage Against The Machine is actually a rapper. From there, he listened to artists like Hilltop Hoods, The Herd and thought “pffft! I could do that!

Matt is now known in the community through his work with outreach programs Rap 4 Change and Blue Guitar Project, educating kids on social issues through music.

New EP ‘Fornicating Arachnids’ talks about war, corporate greed and politicians, discussing them through references to dated sitcoms. It was produced by talented multi- instrumentalist and ARIA Award nominee, Cory Blight (Dukes of Windsor, Overreactor).

First single Scraping The Barrel is a satirical look at the current state of politics, suggesting we’ve not scraped through the bottom of the barrel, we’ve kept going until we’ve dug ourselves a massive hole in the ground.

Fornicating Arachnids EP available now on CD and all digital formats.