Artist info


Punk, Pop

Sounds like

Body jar, Anberlin, Jimmy Eat World

band members

James Kouzinas - Guitar John Prosser - Vocals Ryan McNally - Drums Andrew Bates - Guitar Stian Macshane - Bass


The Living End, Many More, Jimmy Eat World


Mattersville return with their eagerly awaited debut album and a finely tuned live show that is sure to please fussiest of punters. Since releasing their first demo as a full piece band back in 2009 the Mattersville lads have been busy, mainly locked away writing and recording the new album, but also popping out on the live circuit from time to time to road test some new tracks and let people know they are still alive. The new album, produced by James Newhouse is full of the most impressive and beloved tunes that the band has ever written. Mattersville bring back the catchiest of hooks in tracks like ''Believe" and "Fall to the ground" whilst branching out to a more alternative vibe on "We are the underground" and "Bone Dry". There's a whole lot of rockers and a hand full of easy listeners, some for the girls and some for the guys and all without losing grip on what makes a well written and complete LP. The new album titled; Welcome to our downfall will be released on Spokesman Records in September 2011. The band will be launching the album at the Rocket Room in Perth on Friday September 16th and it is sure to be one hell of a rock show. If you only hear one local artist this year make sure do not overlook this Pop punk Powerhouse as their songs are guaranteed to grace your memory banks for weeks on end!