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Ryan Adams, The White Buffalo, Ray Lamontagne

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Matthew Barker


Ray Lamontagne


Multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Matthew Barker is no stranger to the music industry even though his name may be foreign to some. Performing under the pseudonym “The Buckseats for the last five years, Matthew has written, produced and released 4 EP’s under The Bucketseats name.

Matthew has decided to step out from behind The Bucketseats project and gifting to us his laid back sounds under the Matthew Barker Music brand. Matthew is an entirely self-taught vocalist and guitarist. Years of experience as a solo performer while extensive gigging has made him an extraordinary live musician and skilled performer.

The decision to release his original music under his own name was not an easy one but Matthew’s confidence in his song writing has grown considerably. He no longer feels the need to hide behind the pseudonym and while turning himself into a “brand” is daunting he hopes it gives him more confidence and appreciation for what he has achieved so far as well as an added determination to always strive to improve his writing and performing.

September will see the release of Matthews first EP under his own name. Appropriately titled ‘The Ozland Recordings’ this EP is a stripped back, extremely intimate look into the life and songwriting style of Matthew. There is something said for songs that can stand alone with just guitar and voice, and this EP is no exception. These 4 tracks are guaranteed to grab at your heartstrings, and strike up raw emotions.

The Ozland Recordings are also a prequel to Matthew Barkers self titled 5 track EP which is due for release late 2015.