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Matthew James Lyons


Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Ben Folds, Ryan Adams



MATTHEW JAMES LYONS is a heartfelt singer-songwriter who shares the impossibility to not bare his frailties, despair or guarded hope within a song. A delicate story-teller, Matthew enthralls audiences with his tender vocals, intricate guitar playing and stirring songs.

Based in Sydney, Matthew James Lyons has been performing on and off for close to 20 years and writing songs for even longer. He is tangled up somewhere within the strings that tie folk and country with melodic pop.
Matthew James Lyons’ debut EP, 'Everything That Was', will be released in October 2016. The 6 tracks were recorded by legendary Sydney producer Michael Carpenter and would sit comfortably among the record collections of any Americana fan.
Discovering the greatest hits of Paul Simon and The Beatles from an early age in his mother’s slim record collection, Matthew was roused by the impact a song could have. He spent hours dissecting words and melodies throughout his childhood and teenage years as he trawled the great songsmiths of decades past. Later, inspired by acts such as Ben Folds, Ryan Adams and Ron Sexsmith, Matthew began to shape his own adaptation of the singer-songwriter standard.  

Matthew James Lyons has performed around Sydney and shared the stage with the likes of Jon Auer (Posies/Big Star), Christine Anu, Youth Group & Matthew Barber (Canada). He was included on The Sydney Blues & Roots Festival list of artists in 2012.


Review by Nkechi Anele Nkechi Anele

12 Oct 2016

Triple J

Fun times and festivities!

Fun times and festivities!