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Matty Effin Morison is a band from Australia that you've probably never heard of. However, it won't be long until they are unanimously recognized by all and sundry as the G.O.A.T!

They've been lazily strumming away for about 7 years, but thus far they have had not much at all to show for it. We all know it's kinda lame being in a band and not being famous. The boys have recognized this and made a commitment... It may sound ambitious, perhaps even ludicrous, but when you're as good as these guys, it's a piece of piss...
The boys set out to write and record an album that would send them catapulting straight to the top. A few weekends in the jam room and just 4 days in the studio and Bob's ya sister. The boys have done it!!! 14 tracks of catchy AF, pure genius punk rock. Matty Effin Morison 'Songs' is out now. The search is over. These guys are the entire package! They surpass all of their contemporaries on stage and on wax and they've got irresistible charm and devilish good looks to boot. Get in early so you can say "I liked them before they sold out!".