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Hip Hop, Indie

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maupower, one blood hidden image

band members

Patrick Mau


independant artists, hip hop, traditional indigenous

Unearthed artists we like

Unda Dwella , Ali Barter


Torres Strait born Mau-Power comes with a sound that reflects the influence of the islands culture as well as the rap movement as a whole. Moving lines between contemporary, commercial music, hip hop and showcasing the trademark sound of island soul. At a young age, Hip Hop became the style that influenced his generation in the Torres Straits. With Artists like Run DMC, Public Enemy, Common and Rakim, Maupower was shown the art of story telling rhyming on a dance like up tempo beat, and put together with the styles of B-Boying, Break dancing and Mc’ing, it was easy for this artist to be captured by this style of music. In 2005 he formed his own rap band “One Blood Hidden Image” which, in 2012 be the first established Torres Strait based independent record label. One Blood Hidden Image as a rap group recorded four albums; and at beginning of 2009 released a four in one album collector’s edition, which has been well received throughout the indigenous regions of Australia. With music relating to the issues of indigenous youth and culture across Australia and in the Torres straits, One Blood Hidden Image was able to establish a fan base and audience from all indigenous communities across Australia and New Zealand. This has given them the opportunity to performances and showcases in places like Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Auckland. Mau-Power music has been featured on the TV series "The Strait" as well as programs on NITV. He Has Hosted the first season of "Volumz" and narrated the music show "Fusion" along with Casey Donovon. To date Mau- Power has been nominated for 2 Deadly Awards for the HipHop category both in 2009 & 2012. Have received numerous Torres Strait recognition awards for his contribution in music to the Torres Strait. Titles that have been recorded and released under the One Blood Hidden Image label includes: "Tha Anthem EP - 2005", "Destiny - 2005", "NorMorAct4Prime - 2006", "Shut tha Gate - 2007", "Two Shade of grey - Mau-Power underground mix tape - 2008/2009","O.B.H.I. Affiliated - 100% street - 2010/2011", "All On Me - Mau-Power - 2012".