Artist info


Metal, Punk

Sounds like

Exhumed, Macabre, Pungent Stench

band members

Jon: G-String Guitars and Ruptured Lower-intestine growls Jason: Gonad Guitars and Deep-throat eructations Daniel: DolDrums and Blistered, red-raw-throat yells Andy: Brown Bass and Psychopathic teen-screams


Cephalic Carnage, Cattle Decapitation, Dying Fetus

Unearthed artists we like

longpig, Noise Etiquette, Farthing Wheel, Bol


Maximum Perversion (or MP) was formed in 1997 by four young, twisted and depraved musicians who came together with the same passion for groove/death/grind metal. Through steady rehearsals and a healthy number of live performances, the bandís profile has steadily risen and they have firmly entrenched themselves as one of Western Australiaís premiere metal acts. The band embodies extremities in music coupled with deviant lyrical interpretations of the increasingly macabre and distasteful world in which we live. Cerebrum pulping guitar and skewed tempos are spliced with grinding hard rock, accompanied by a triple vocal narration that could be described as "Death With a Smile"... The four f(r)iends have so far released four recordings. The album Repugnant Perturbation Excursion was finally released in 2001 after hassles with the bands' finances and difficulties recording in a specific Perth toilet. Thankfully though, the album received favorable reviews from friends and in the metal press, gaining a healthy score or 8.5/10 in UK's Terrorizer Magazine as well as positive write-ups in numerous heavy metal web-zines. In their time performing, MP has supported such notable acts as Blood Duster, Exhumed, Pungent Stench, and The Berzerker as well as an array of excellent local bands. Some shows can be extreme and violent, as bruised and boozed fans will attest. Willing female (and male) fans often throw underwear at the band, usually in the form of a sock full of stones. With a soon to be released split CD with Aussie grindersí Ebolie, and another album in the works, Maximum Perversion continue to smear their unique brand of toilet-grind into the faces of the worldís metal fans. So sit back and prepare to grind as the Maxi-P boys strap on their instruments to FUCK YOUR EARS!