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Punk, Rock

Sounds like

The Doors, Nirvana, Minor threat

band members

Zigg West - Vocals/Guitar Sam Knight - Drums/Vocals Jett - Bass


The Doors, Nirvana, mudhoney


Just as Generation 'X' got tired, gave up, and got day-jobs, Mayfield took an oath to start a musical revolution against 'mainstream' thinking. Mayfield are an alternative rock band from Adelaide South Australia formed in 2004. They have forged their own sound through their varied influences and controversial social views. The philosophy and corner stone of Mayfield is part grunge rejectionism, part hippie ideal, part project mayhem but wholly its own. Mayfield speak of a generation robbed, a generation lied to, a generation out of faith. For some its screams "your time has come" for many more its screams "your time is now". The three men, all in their early twenties, fueled by a hatred of conformity, made a pact: to perform raw, pure and hypnotic music for people to find solace in and be inspired by. Mayfield's core and true strength is revealed at their live shows. The band has toured Australia and the world extensively. Since their inception Mayfield have been an internationally focused band and to that end they completed their first US tour from April to August of '08. This was followed by their much their much anticipated return to the UK and Europe from August thru October of '08. The boys are now set to return again to UK/Europe in August of '09 for another four months of touring. This 3 piece band have a sound that defies clichéd 'retro rock' and breaks the rules of current trends by concentrating on the real side of rock and roll. Their angsty lyrics help to define a sensitivity that has been bled from popular music in the last decade. The band consists of Zigg West, (Vocals/Guitars) Sam Knight (Drums/Vocals) and Jett (Bass) For more Information visit: or Mayfield. Music.


Review by Tommy Faith Tommy Faith

15 Nov 2018

Triple J

You're looking for that classic grunge sound and you're nailing it right in the jugular here.

You're looking for that classic grunge sound and you're nailing it right in the jugular here.