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MC Pony


Coda Conduct, Chokeules

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MC Pony writes and performs hip hop in a distinctive and heartfelt style, both delighting and educating audiences with her trademark ‘mindful rhymes for kinder times’. Her Veganthused project is all about inspiring and encouraging people to explore and embrace veganism. Despite performing material that raises awareness about animal rights, environmental and social justice issues, an MC Pony show is fun, upbeat, and entertaining – it's activism with a smile!


MC Pony's eighth single "Please Don't Turn Away" is an emotional plea inspired by the work of animal photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur and We Animals Media, with the cover art featuring an image from the We Animals Archive. The song is in-your-face with its challenge to face our world's realities, though it strays decidedly across into pop thanks to a catchy chorus hook.

"Words Like Knives" is MC Pony's sixth single. It explores issues surrounding mental health, such as the associated stigma, effects of derogatory terms, the importance of early intervention contrasted with the chronic underfunding of treatment options, and the racial inequalities in access and outcomes. The track's co-writers include the incredibly talented featured artist, Seup. Words Like Knives stayed in the Triple J Unearthed charts for five weeks, reaching #7 in hip hop and #20 overall.

In June 2018 MC Pony released her fifth single, and first foray onto Unearthed, "Double Decade Vegan". It celebrated her 20th veganniversary with a throwback to the sounds of June 1998. The track debuted at #2 on the Triple J Unearthed Hip Hop charts, #11 in all genres, and spent a total of four weeks in the charts.