Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Ozzy Osbourne, muse, karnivool

band members

Hex - vocals, guitars, bass, Loki - vocals and guitars, Hide - drums Switch - lead guitars


muse, Cradle of Filth, metallica

Unearthed artists we like

Pecking Order, Bistu


View the Speed Spider video clip here: Mechanical Black's debut album, Reborn, is a concept album about the journey of a transgendered male to female. The album contains styles of music ranging from speed metal to soft rock which represent various states of mind during the process of transition. The album is dedicated to one of its contributors, TV personality Peter Wherrett (aka Pip) who passed away during the making of the album. The mixing and mastering was done by Paul Gomersall, who has worked with such greats as Phil Collins, George Michael and Boy George amongst many others. The album also boasts a number of guest musicians such as Pete Drummond (the drummer from Dragon), Bill Risby (one of Australia’s finest keyboardists) and renowned trumpet player Ralph Pyl. Mechanical Black are Hex (vocals, bass), Loki (vocals, guitar), Switch (guitar) and Hide (drums). The band’s influences vary dramatically from song to song and the album’s mood itself changes from hard edged angry rock through to self accepting ballads. Some of these influences include the Beatles, Muse, Pink Floyd, Faith no More and Cradle of Filth. Being distinctly progressive they’ll keep you guessing from song to song.