Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

The Police, Alice in Chains, karnivool

band members

Mark "Johnny" Cilia - Drums + vocals, Benny Ledwith - Bass + vocals, Lloyd "Chicken Man" Siewert - Guitar + lead vocal.


Tool, Faith No More, RHCP


UPCOMING GIG 23rd MAY @ VALVEBAR TEMPE!!! The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.. A three Piece Rock outfit hailing from the mighty Penrith, The Mechanics are a humble group of musicians with a surprisingly big sound. Blending a variety of styles we place no real restriction on what approach we use or genre we play. Our songs are a mixture of rock / reggae / blues / 90's alternative and 12 string acoustic jams, with the emphasis on quality songwriting. Founded in September 2009 The Mechanics have focused on honing their live performances into a tight outfit playing venus such as the Sandringham In Newtown and the Infamous Annadale hotel as well as The Bald faced Stag leichhardt, now its time to get some tracks recorded as we gather interest. We have a strong philosophy that music is for people not musicians, we perform for you not us, and if people can't connect with our music we need to write better music. Talk to us on Facebook search The Mechanics of Creation In the long run,expect to be challenged, expect to be questioned, expect to be brave.