Artist info


Electronic, Rock

Sounds like

The Faint, The Presets, Shiny Toy Guns

band members

J. - Synths / Programming / Vocals / Bass 2; Sonya - Bass / additional Synths; Ryan - Synths / FX; Paul - Drums; Aurella - Synths / Vocals


The Police, Depeche Mode, Soulwax


J. and Sonya had known each other for a while, when they decided to join forces and write tunes of their own. For a two piece, naturally there were limitations, but it was those limitations that created the unusual concept of a band consisting of two bass players, and computer programming. Enter Ryan. The Medicated needed to get their sounds out of the studio and into the faces of a live audience. With his ability to combine wacky drum samples, effects, and howling synthesisers, they were on their way to their first sold out performance in August 2006. With live drummers rotating within the first twelve months, The Medicated became a three piece again, and asked for Aurella’s angelic vocals to join the madness that was The Medicated. She said yes! And with her vocals she also brought more synthesiser talent. More synths! So as a natural progression, J. took on the role as lead frontman, and also picked up live synthesisers to give The Medicated a total of three, yes, THREE live keyboards and effects. This in turn had Sonya become the sole bassist of the band. “I’m a Haemophiliac, You’re a Vampire” The title of The Medicated’s debut 6 track EP was released in September 2007. Enter Paul. After struggling to keep a live hitting machine on the same wavelength, along comes Paul with years of live experience and talent up his sleeve. He was a perfect fit and performed his first show with the band in November 2007. 2008 The Medicated are currently working on their debut album, with a brief interruption in February where they scored the East Coast support for the US’s Mindless Self Indulgence. Their album will be out mid-2008.