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Rock, Pop

Sounds like

PJ Harvey, Portishead, The Pretenders

band members

Lix Bacskay - Vocals, Guitar James North - Guitar, Bass, Keys, BVs Steve Pope - Drums, BVs


Nirvana, Bruce Springsteen, Hollie Smith


Once upon a time there was a girl with a guitar and a vivid imagination who lived at the bottom of the world in the Land of the Long White Cloud. She painted pictures, she wrote songs, poems and stories, she took photographs and built her world in the space between her dreams and real life as she knew it. One day upon her travels she met two boys, one with a room filled with wondrous musical instruments and hands that knew how to play them all, and the other with a simple pair of wooden sticks with which he could spark a rhythm that made the world turn in time. She laughed at them, because she thought they were both wonderful! She began to talk to them of ‘melodic’ things, but in haste her lips tripped on the word, and what came out instead was ‘Medollic’... Medollic is Lix Bacskay, James North and Steve Pope. Lix and James first recorded together in 2006. In 2007, with a handful of songs and guitars in tow, Lix moved from New Zealand to Brisbane, Australia where she, James and Steve began arranging, recording and writing more of what would become Medollic’s debut 10 track album, ‘Dollhouse’. Medollic is one of those rare equations that’s as much about chemistry as it is mathematics. Multi-instrumentalist producer James tracked and produced the entire album in his studio, (James North Productions) in Brisbane. James is responsible for the Dollhouse album arrangements, writing parts for, and playing, electric and acoustic guitar, bass, keys and percussion. Lyricist Lix takes care of all the melodies, composing much of the music alone or with James. Steve’s creativity as a drummer plays a pivotal role in Medollic’s sound. He is responsible for crafting the unique rhythmic personality from which each and every Medollic song evolves. In 2009 Medollic was selected from bands all around the world to win a mastering package for their album from Independent Mastering in Nashville, Tennessee. The Dollhouse album has received rave reviews from Paige X. Cho (reviewer for, MTV, Rollingstone AU), (Florida, USA), (BRAZIL), (NYC, USA) and (USA) where tracks from the album are on regular rotation. In mid July 2010 Medollic topped the MySpaceAU Indie charts, and took out #2 on the overall MySpace music charts for Australia. And they've only just begun...


Reviewed by Rosie Beaton Rosie Beaton

21 Oct 2010

Triple J

beautiful record...

beautiful recording - like the lyrics too, your band sounds very together just watch the american accent in vocals? keep it up

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30 Mar 2011


like it)

like it)



18 Feb 2011


Fable has a real...

Fable has a real gentle feel. Absolutely love the guitar work from 2:19, it's impressive!

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