Artist info


Rock, Metal

Sounds like

motorhead, metallica, judas priest

band members

Wez - Bass & Vocals, Natalie - Drums, Alex - Guitar


Anything Metal, Anything Rock


MEDUSA are one of Australia’s hardest working, independent, original, Heavy Metal bands. After recording several demo-tapes and building up a significant following in their hometown Melbourne, MEDUSA released their independent EP “Zero Life” in 2000. Several successful interstate tours followed, as well as air-play and favourable reviews not only locally, but also internationally, including an 8/10 in Europe’s biggest selling Heavy Metal magazine “Metal Hammer”. In 2002 MEDUSA released their debut full-length CD “Darker Shade of Hate” and at the CD launch, sold out of merchandise in an impressive 25 minutes. Once again MEDUSA completed a series of successful interstate tours and “Darker Shade of Hate” also received a positive response both locally and internationally. MEDUSA are currently hard at work re-packaging “Darker Shade of Hate” for an international release and is working on material for their next recording.