Artist info


Rock, Metal

Sounds like

AFI, Cheap Trick, Motorhead

band members

Leeno Dee-bass,Johnathan Devoy-vocals,Tubby Wadsworth-drums,Phil Bowley-guitar.


70s glam rock, Sex Pistols, KISS

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Melody Black were formed in August 2010.Within two weeks the first show was played-a headliner at the Sando in Newtown,Sydney.Two weeks after that the band entered the studio to track their debut album 'Love Your Demons'.Mixing was finished in early 2011 and the album will be released September 2011.A debut video/single,'Pretty Ugly' was released in May to great response(around 3000 YouTube hits)and the band visited QLD and Victoria to set up the forthcoming album tour with well received shows.The shows thus far have generated great press notices particularly regarding the band's larger than life live show and killer tunes.A new video for the track 'Over Me/Over You' is being readied for release with the album.The tour starts in late August.