Artist info


Electronic, Pop

Sounds like

Presets, hot chip, gorillaz

band members

Daniel Swart - Synthesiser/Sampler, Damian Guthrie - Ipad/Sampler, Brett Whitmore - Bass, Jeremy Ruckels - Sampler/Programming


Boards of Canada, Liszt, Icehouse, Com Truise

Unearthed artists we like

Mirko Polo, Brett Whitmore, Dos Hell



MeowRocket are a recording collective like few others. Finding out about these guys will leave you speechless. Based north of Brisbane, MeowRocket spend 95% of their time sitting in their small seaside studio writing, recording and rewriting the rule book. MeowRockets' debut release has been produced by Australian hip hop royalty, Dave Atkins, of Resin Dogs/Wolfmother fame at his farm studio in Mullumbimby. The musicians of MeowRocket have received accolades from across the music industry and can even boast a handwritten letter from Iva Davies (Icehouse) framed on their studio wall. One thing MeowRocket can guarantee is that you've definitely never, ever seen anything like them before. Get ready..