Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Crumb, DIIV, DIET., Great Gable, No Vacation, Real Estate, San Cisco, RAT!hammock

band members

Peggy Hills- Vocals Peter Wynen- Guitar Sam Bailey- Guitar Paula Maki- Bass Josh Horvat- Drums


Tame Impala, Jungle Giants, Saint Ivory, GOOD WIVES, Mitsume, Saskwatch, Teenage Dads

Unearthed artists we like

Good Wives, Quentiam, Teenage Dads, Sound Mountain, Danitchy


Meraki Minds are a five-piece Indie pop band renown for their electric stage presence, formed during their high school years in Ballarat. Meraki Minds feature dreamy guitars, harmonious female vocalists and groovy bass and drums.

The band is inspired by some of Australia’s most influential contemporary groups such as The Jungle Giants, Saskwatch, Cub Sport and Ocean Alley.

The aspiring artists have brought their tunes out of the band room, with their debut single ‘Wild Talk’ in 2018, spreading onto the stages of Victoria’s rural festivals and Melbourne’s live music scene. Meraki Minds currently have their EP ‘Persuade Me’ and three singles released with new material in the works.

The band are to play this year at Spilt Milk Festival 2019, and have inspired a growing fanbase with their original and authentic music. Meraki Minds are ambitious; in pursuit to bring that Meraki sound to broader audiences.