Artist info


Metal, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

A Perfect Circle, The Butterfly Effect, Karnivool

band members

Kay Thatch - Lead Vocals Keiren Lovett - Guitar/Programming Cameron Davies - Guitar Tom Bergman - Bass Guitar Keiran Berry - Drums/Percussion


Karnivool, Incubus, Deftones, Periphery, The Mars Volta, Dead Letter Circus, Tesseract, A Perfect Circle


Hailing from various parts of Sydney, Mercury Sky bring an unquestionable vitality and renewed vibrancy to the rock/metal scene with their distinctive brand of meticulously constructed progressive rock. Amalgamating the brazen technicality and aggression of modern metal with the atmosphere and ambience of effect-driven clean passages and serving it all up with the sensibility and big hooks many have come to expect from them, Mercury Sky have carved out a niche that has people paying close attention to what they have in store.

Mercury Sky began in 2010 when long time neighbours, guitarist Keiren Lovett and drummer Keiran Berry, started collaborating after discovering a mutual love of Incubus. After meeting singer, Kay Thatch, they set out to complete their lineup. After going through many extremely talented members, they finally found their perfect fit with second guitarist Cameron Davies and bassist Tom Bergman.

In late 2014, Mercury Sky released their debut, self-titled EP to great acclaim from listeners and media alike. Produced by Dave Petrovic (Cog, Tonight Alive), Shane Edwards (Northlane, House Vs Hurricane) and mastered by Don Bartley (Karnivool, Silverchair, David Bowie), it demonstrated a glimpse into what the band represents: a new and exciting take on a style snowballing into popularity thanks to their influences, which they proudly wear on their sleeves.

Since then, they have shared stages with high profile artists within their genre including Breaking Orbit, Jericco, Gods Of Eden, Bellusira and many more as well as released two singles, ‘Sosonal’ and ‘SleepDreamWake’.

Now in 2017, they present their sophomore offering, ‘Infra’ which pushes their own personal, musical and emotional boundaries even further, tackling topics such as social media and modernisation, political correctness and counterculture, existentialism and loss. Having also taken on a large portion of production duties themselves in conjunction with Dave Petrovic, this EP finds Mercury Sky drawing upon a wider range of experiences and lessons to provide a more diverse spectrum of songs that embody their evolution to date and further cement their place as a band to watch in the progressive scene.