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Brad bromfield-vox,Daniel volger -guitar ,David heirdsfield -bass and cogz-skinz and sti


anything mike patton collaborates, SlipKnot, bodycount , hilltop hoodz, soulfly /sepultura

Unearthed artists we like

Inhailed, Rob Stanley, Antacid4Life, Liquid Sound Jar


Messiam are a four piece metal band from the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Boasting a diverse musical style from extreme metal to rap and heavy grooves, Messiam has one of the most unique sounds in metal today. Originally formed in 2007/2008, Messiam has seen a number of line up changes, which have included members such as Rob Stanley (now solo artist) and Lindsay Connolly (was briefly Glitchstream).after alot of gigging in 2011 ,including playing alongside the likes of interstate and local bands in 4arm(recently toured with testament),Recoil,Dawn Heist,Dreadnaught,Dead letter opener, Inhailed,Shotgun Halo,king parrot,Azreal, Desolution,Dawn Of The Dead,artifical red,Dyscord,Shadowmill,Malakyte(who just played with anthrax and soundwave),Trinatyde,Cause in Affect ,Shifting The Paradigm,Stellar Green, Ignite The Chamber,Phantom Lighter Thieves, White Circus,The City Ignites,Firedriver ,Rob Stanley and countless more and with our song Killing Breed in locally made horror flick Come And Get Me, and an ep we released last year where we did an ep launch with amazing NZ band Devilskin and aussie heavyweights Segression ,we had a split unfortunately with the departure of longest serving member Brett Smith and my nigga Tony Payne (miss ya lads) ...skip to 2013 another song (bloodlust) in another movie (picnic) new crew in David Heirdsfield and Daniel Vogler, new songs,new feeling,new sound and new attitude me and lindsay (only originals left ) are looking forward to this year here we go again ..