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Dance, Indie

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Josh Moore - Vocals, Percussion Shane Lock- Guitar, Synth, Vocals Chad Hooper - Drums Justin Walkden - Guitar, Synth Craig Lock - Bass


Australia's Messrs create a synth-laden sound that encapsulates nearly three decades of indie-pop. Using the industrial beats of new wave-era Depeche Mode as a launch pad, Messrs touch on early 90s Pulp-inspired house, all the way up to their modern take on all that has come before. Their debut EP Welcome To Nowhere, with it's silky sax and pulsing beat, will put a smile on the face of anyone who has ever set foot on the dance floor in the last thirty years, but will also resonate as something startling fresh and original. Messrs' story officially begins in 2011, but their heritage goes way back. Having played together in various musical incarnations for years, the band's five members - Josh Moore (Vox), Justin Walker (Guitar), Chad Hooper (Drums) and brothers Craig and Shane Lock on bass and synth respectively - took a long time to find their sound. Eschewing the skittish, scatty indie punk stylings of their early days, Messrs re-emerged a much more honed and focused unit in 2011. Their new sound rekindled the effortless grooves of Cut Copy, the washed out vocals of '80s new wave and the punchy, retro-tinged disco beats of the 21st Century. Having toured extensively, playing festivals such as The Great Escape (UK), The Big Day Out (AUS) and Parklife (AUS) and supporting the likes of Phoenix, Neon Indian and Kele, Messrs released their debut EP in late 2012. Welcome To Nowhere dropped last November to immediate acclaim, reaching the Top 40 in the Australian iTunes Albums Chart. The single "Desert" also made a massive impact, racking up nearly 70,000 Vimeo views to date. With ripples slowly growing into waves back home, Messrs have world domination in their sights. Welcome To Nowhere is currently on rotation on more than 100 radio stations in the US and is finding its way into several CMJ charts (WUMD-2, KXUA, KMSC, WZBC etc). It's an exciting time for a band that just a few years ago didn't have an identity. Running wild is the first taste of Messrs post 'Welcome to Nowhere' 'Messrs opening salvo was deserving of the headliner spot. They where that good.' - The Orange Press, Supporting San Cisco and Jungle Giants 'Energetic and engaging as ever, these guys know how to put on a show – they are irresistibly infectious.' - FasterLouder 'After I first discovered these guys I pretty much haven’t listened to anything or anyone else.' - Partyaids TV