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Death, gojira, bloodbath

band members

Jackson Smith - Vocals Shaun Howell - Guitar Tim Glyde - Guitar Malcolm Mcdonald - Drums Kyle Mines - Bass


slayer, Blotted Science, Cattle Decapitation

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Skank & Shake


Alice Springs death metal band Miazma are a force to be reckoned with. Their cult status continues to rise towards the end of 2013 with the release of their debut album - Bacteria of This Earth - and a successful, 13 show nationwide tour which saw them support The Amenta and Party Vibez. With aggressive riffs and uncompromising vocals Miazma have quickly gained a cult status due to their large and faithful local audience and fiercely energetic live performances. Beginning as a four-piece in early 2008 the band has gone from strength to strength supporting national and international heavy-hitters; Tasmania's death metal exports Psycroptic in 2011 and Singapore's black metal horde Impiety in 2012. Miazma started off 2013 with a riotous growl, supporting King Parrot at Blacken the Globe Festival in Alice Springs. Including performances at bassinthedust, TerrorFest 2010/2012/2013 and Bastardfest -- Miazma have evolved into a five-strong group; with changes to the line-up over the years enabling them to focus on developing their sound stylistically and refining their musical compositions into the crushing sound they are known for today. In 2011 Miazma co-founded the Black Wreath collective - a self-funded record label and recording studio lifting the profile and opportunities available to metal bands in the dead centre of Australia. The desolate surroundings of Alice Springs have provided Miazma with a wasteland sense of identity, giving the band a primal, confrontational complexity in both live and studio settings.


Reviewed by Lochlan Watt Lochlan Watt

02 Apr 2013

Triple J

Some of the most excellent new death metal I've heard out of this country all year! Solid as fuck!

Some of the most excellent new death metal I've heard out of this country all year! Solid as fuck!