Artist info


Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Ben Folds Five, Louise Attaque, Bond

band members

Benjamin Mibus - Electric violin; Dave Mibus - Keyboards; Graham Ritchie - Bass; Mark Farrell - Drums; Jamie Pettersen - Guitars


Michael Jackson, Ben Folds, Prince


MIBUS 2009 Performances with: JOHN FOREMAN – ‘Australian Idol’ MIRUSIA – Andre Rieu’s Soprano JAL JOSHUA – ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ TRANSPARENT – US Hip-Hop Artist ROY FIELDS – US leader of world’s biggest-ever revival The rarest of animals in the Rock Music Jungle is the band MIBUS. Purely instrumental, they perform without vocalists – instead using infectious rhythms, inspiring melodies and eye-catching showmanship to capture the audience. 5 established solo instrumentalists have combined forces to create a rock sound filled with Gypsy & Messianic flavours. Fronted by the Mibus brothers Benjamin & David, artists who have performed as soloists in Europe, the US, and throughout Australia. ‘Ghetto Sketch’, their debut album, is a fast-paced, musically-brilliant celebration of these styles. To launch Ghetto Sketch, MIBUS recorded a live-streamed concert event which is now sold as a DVD with bonus earlier film clips. ‘Fire 2000’, ‘Bessarabian Girl’ & ‘Baruch Adonai’ are the first tracks to be released so far from Ghetto Sketch.