Artist info


Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop

Sounds like

Mr Carmack, Drake and 40, Daft Punk, Weather Report, Miles Davis, Quincy Jones

band members

Zac Corrie Tom Cross


Michael Jackson, Miles Davis, Quincy Jones


A lone traveller through the stars looking for a place to call home.

Thoughts on Michael Davis:

"I've seen him in here more than once..barely"
- Darryl, bartender at Rusty's.

-Corinne Davis, location unknown

"He's the reason people round here are afraid of strangers"
- Unknown female of Gamma38 , Quadrant 5x.

Acclaim for Lightyears:
"The polished piece is one that's easy to immerse yourself into, as cruising drum sequences and delectable vocal-pitching give rise to a rather laid-back atmosphere overall." Accessed 14/12/2015

"If you're looking for a production duo at it's finest then look no further[...] Michael and Davis have something special" - Accessed 16/12/2015