Artist info



Sounds like

Nirvana, muse, Silverchair

band members

Michael Yule: Vocals, Guitar Stuart Jaymes: Drums, Percussion Russell Murchie: Bass


Love, life, Death



Transforming the music and vision into a high energy Rock'n'Roll format, Michael Yule is joined on stage by the talents of drummer Stuart Jaymes, and bassist Russell Murchie.
They come together to form a power trio reminiscent of a cross between the catchy grunge of Nirvana, and the melodic intensity of Silverchair with a stage presence and energy to rival them both.

All 3 musicians are experienced in their own right with a number of bands and musical collaborations under their belts, and together they have forged a reputation in the industry as a tight highly professional band with a great sound and exciting repertoire, constantly wowing audiences with their big impact from a simple 3 piece.

Having headlined many of the biggest and most hyped venues and shared the stage with the most amazing bands in the scene, the group go toe to toe with the best of them and boldly back up their claims with a live performance that you really do have to see to believe.