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Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Eric Clapton, Eric Bibb, Ray Davies, Me

band members

Mick Brown


Cream, Robert Johnson, Who, Kinks, Eric Bibb, Tom Paxton, Steve Winwood, Beatles, Stones

Unearthed artists we like

Amber Nichols


Mick Brown is one of Canberra’s growing number of singer/songwriter artists, who carries under his belt years of music and experience.

Mick builds on 50 years of playing guitars and singing with a multiplicity of artists and in contexts from clubs and church to big outdoor events. He has toured US and UK. He has played with Phil Keaggy and supported Barry McGuire, and produced events for Leon Patillo (ex-Santana) and Noel Paul Stookey (of Peter Paul and Mary).

While delivering covers of well-loved standards, Mick also writes catchy songs. Recently he decided to get back on the road after a long life of work in service to the community.

Songs range from rock, folk, folk blues, rhythm and blues, through to ballad and even country, stitched together with stories and Mick’s quirky humour.

Mick has 2 degrees, and has worked from laboring, to Industrial Relations Adviser in the Hawke government, to pastoring churches, and now to Training in a Canberra College. He is married to 1 wife, has 4 children and 6 grand children.

Mick also has recorded 3 Albums, the latest of which is “The Legend Lives On”: located at