Artist info


Indie, Roots

Sounds like

The Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Allman Brothers

band members

Almin Fularija Drums vox, Paul Boxwell Bass vox, Phil Pearson Lead guitar vox, John Smoker Guitar Harmonica Vox.


Muddy Waters, Charlie Musselwhite, Little Feat

Unearthed artists we like

Dan Howls, Old Blood, Lincoln MacKinnon



Meet The Midnight Jammers, a Perth based band with a long list of local and international experience. 2019 saw these journeymen crossing paths in Western Australia and finding a new musical direction as The Midnight Jammers. Bringing together their collective skills and experience, they have mixed their bluesy sound with funky grooves and new found energy. Showcasing their strong list of original material, their funky riffs and on stage presence they will have you jiving along to these memorable songs in no time.

Catch any of their live performances and you’ll find them moving seamlessly from the raw rhythm and blues style of Howling Wolf to swampy rock and back to bluesy shuffles a la Willie Dixon style, yet still maintaining that sound cohesive of The Midnight Jammer’s sound.

This debut EP Moovin’ On is now available on and direct from through Tube Records and recording of a follow up is well on the way! These journeymen are moving in the right direction.

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