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Dance, Electronic, Indie

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Disco Music

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Calvin Harris, Fred Falke, Touch Sensitive

Unearthed artists we like

Tyler Touché, 95 Royale


Miguel Forsyth is the Brisbane and Stockholm based musician behind Migari. Initially starting as a collaborative project between friends of which the name was derived from, Miguel took up the torch when the collaboration ended and continued on the Funk driven legacy that is Migari.

From 2009 we saw Migari’s evolution go from the sample based French Filter House tunes to the now Indie Disco tracks in the recent discography, with ‘Mistakes’ being his debut single since making the move from the Daft Punk’esque Filter House era.

For the past couple of years Miguel has been travelling Europe and made a second home in Stockholm which has garnered its own influences on his music. Being around the city that is home to the world’s greatest pop producers, Miguel has brought those sensibilities to his upcoming single to be released in November.

Ten years on from the very beginning, 2019 will see Migari bringing out more music for fresh ears to dance to, along with collaborations with exciting talent.