Artist info


Indie, Roots

Sounds like

My Morning Jacket, Beck, Paul Kelly, Mia Dyson, Floating Action

band members

Mike McCarthy - Guitars/Vocals


Jim James, Floating Action, Bill Callahan, Paul Kelly, Mia Dyson

Unearthed artists we like

Pepa Knight, Daniel Lee Kendall, Sea Legs, Thief, Tesse, Jess Locke



Mike McCarthy is an Australian singer/songwriter who threads together the elements of dirt box blues with open-sea folk. He has a penchant for tasteful melody and thought provoking lyrics. <p>

Serious Face is McCarthy’s eighth album. Slide Guitar, Wurlitzer, Hofner Bass and 70’s sounding drums gives ‘Serious Face’ a fun summer vibe. You can hear shades of Hendrix, Dylan and Beck in his music and it’s a sound that has captured fans across Japan, US, UK and at home in Australia.</p> <p>

“From the thumping beat and long-faced demeanour of ‘Ordinary People’ to the refrains of ‘On Your Mind’ and the outro jam of ‘Thief’, ‘Serious Face’ is packed with beautiful musical moments that fit perfectly into McCarthy’s musical journey.” – Fin Marx (Grain Magazine – Brisbane)