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Electronic, Hip Hop

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Alexander Lewis, CL, Baauer, Ekali, Kanye, Drake, X&G, Jamie XX



Mikey HUNJ is a Melbourne based rapper, producer and DJ for Allday. After spending the last year and a half developing his sound, producing beat after beat to inspire better raps, HUNJ felt his passion and focus shift from rap to production. At first he fought the urge to step away from rap, but after a while couldn't deny that his love for production far out weighed his passion for rapping. His urge to abandon the mic has found him producing his hip-hop rooted, electronic and sampled sound that he has stumbled upon..

No love is lost with Hip-Hop and Mikey HUNJ. Although there will be less raps, Hip-Hop will always be a part of his sound, but now it will have to share the space with what HUNJ chooses to infuse with it. His first song “All of My Blessings” will be the first of a few that will begin to re-introduce Mikey HUNJ to the world.