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Rock, Indie

band members

Dean Anthonisz - Vocals/Guitar, Nick Barnett - Guitar, Cameron Hines - Bass, Jerome Turle - Drums


My Bloody Valentine, Massive Attack, liars


Reverb + 2012 guitars + poverty + beer + angst + a fender bass + drama + Jerome Turle + Dean Anthonisz + Perth + paranoia + delay pedals + a Vox amp + a growing hatred for corporate rock and mediocrity + a Peavey amp + love + hate + Nick Barnett + a bunch of songs + a Pearl drum kit + scars + blood + drunken fights + rambles + loitering + hair spray + bad jokes + drugs + Cameron Hines + screaming + Jaws Cola + cigarettes + coffee + pages of scrunched up lyrics + waking up in strange places with no memory of the previous night + wailing + a real loathing for pompous and self obsessed band biographies + awkward conversations + shitty day jobs = Mile End “while the recorded sound makes you introspective, the live sound had the opposite effect, making you feel in harmony with the night.” “the band justified the hype that is beginning to build around their name and demonstrated why people should look forward to a studio release later in the year.” “This is a great disc, and Mile End have a sound that is truly their own” RTR “Mile End has mastered a king of pretty noise-rock that might make scraping your knees or loosing a tooth seem romantic - it's gritty and beautiful all at once” Drum Media “Big things are coming from Mile End” Drum Media