Artist info


Electronic, Pop

Sounds like

Depeche Mode, Forces, Presets

band members

Miles Brown - synth, vocals, theremin, programming


synth music, Dance Music, goth music


Miles Brown, of cult dark-psych-space-trance legends The Night Terrors (and Australia’s premier thereminist) takes centre stage with his debut solo single ‘Electrics’. No longer lurking in the dark corners of the dance floor, Miles tightens focus to a laser-beam of blinding, sharp-edged pop brilliance - tinged with prog-goth darkness. ‘Electrics’ is an electro-pop killer! A student of Lydia Kavina (the world’s leading classical thereminist, taught by Leon Theremin, the inventor of the instrument), Brown has explored the theremin as a lead instrument in a rock scenario with The Night Terrors, releasing three albums (with number four SPIRAL VORTEX due in March) and has toured through Europe and Australia extensively, supporting the likes of Hawkwind, Goblin, Melt-Banana, Serena Maneesh, Pink Mountaintops, and Black Mountain, a highlight being taking stage with Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson at Vivid Live in the Sydney Opera House in 2010. After years of working in a rock band context, Brown took his theremin and locked himself in his room with his vintage analogue synthesisers to work on new material. ‘Electrics’ is the result - taking influence from a childhood spent listening to 80’s goth electro-pop, the current Melbourne underground electronic scene and his peers from the cult Nihilistic Orbs Label. Brown’s solo work continues to explore the theremin and analogue synth, now in an electronic and pop-orientated setting, and for the first time incorporating vocals into his ouevre. His debut single, ‘Electrics’ breaks boldly into the pop stratosphere.