Miles de Carteret is the Melbourne-based collaboration between singer/songwriter Miles de Carteret and producer/drummer Danny Barwick.

The pair are excited to announce their debut single ‘Honey’ along with a pair of live shows, in both Sydney and Melbourne in June.

After five years of touring with other projects, the pair came together in 2016 with a shared vision of creating their own beautiful and evocative music by blending electronic elements with organic performance.

‘Honey’ explores the concept of loving someone for their flaws and failures. Constructed on a bed of muted guitar playing, and fleshed with soft synthesiser pads, the song is lulling and hypnotic. As Barwick says, ‘…we wanted to recreate the feeling of a diary entry, to try our best to connect directly with people and move them from place of honesty’. His beat-making exists in both the analog and the digital world, using claps, cymbals and shakers alongside programming and glitches.

The pair began the production in their studio in Melbourne’s South-East, before bringing the composition to producer Oscar Dawson (HOLY HOLY, Ali Barter, Ben Wright Smith) at his studio in Abbotsford. The instrumentation was shared by Barwick and de Carteret, with the final touches recorded by a three-part female choir.

Says de Carteret, ‘…more than ever, I really felt the need to create music that I could really call my own, something purely meant to express where I had been over the last year’. And with that in mind, he and co-writer Danny Barwick bring you the debut Miles de Carteret single, ‘Honey’.