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Indie, Pop, Roots

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Milo Green (Paul Appelkamp)


Ryan Adams, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Conor Oberst



If you want the nuts and bolts of it, then here it is - Milo Green is an alter-ego of Adelaide-born songwriter Paul Appelkamp, who's played in rock, funk and acoustic outfits for some time. But he's always had a soft spot for stripped-back songs often played with just acoustic guitar and vocals. By inventing Milo Green, Appelkamp is able to write and perform warm, folky acoustic songs, which is where a big part of his passion has always been.

Milo Green's charming brand of indie-folk always makes you feel warm. Influenced by songwriting legends like Tom Waits and Bob Dylan, Green maintains an authentic songwriting spirit with intriguing lyrics and hypnotic melodies leading the way.