Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Happy Apple, Donny McCaslin, The Grid, Steve Lehman, Trichotomy, John Zorn

band members

Andrew Saragossi - Saxophones Zac Sakrewski - Upright Bass Benjamin Shannon - Drums/Percussion





Having performed and recorded together in various freelance and original settings over the last few years, the boys felt that the combination of shit yarns, shit music, a tortured, self-mutilating artist and a certain domestic beer made perfect sense; they decided to go ahead and give it a man gogh.

The result is the amalgamation of the core influences from each of the members; jazz, prog, contemporary classical and metal. Equally comfortable plundering sounds from Meshuggah and Donny McCaslin to Aphex Twin and Bela Bartok, MMG seeks to explore personal inquiry through composition, ultimately being brought to life in the studio and live performance.

What have people said about Milton Man Gogh:

Ben's Mum: "Yeah I liked when you played that jazz that just had a nice melody and a steady beat and stuff. But you know son, I support whatever it is you're doing."

Local Security Guard: "I don't think you belong here despite having all the official paperwork and signage, I think you should QUIT WHILE YOU'RE AHEAD."