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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

sonic youth, pavement, radiohead

band members

Jake Savins - Guitars/Vox/Other Conal Savnins - Guitar/Drums/Synth/Bass/Vox/Other


Frank Black, John Darnielle, Smashing Pumpkins

Unearthed artists we like

Rabbit Island , Agamous Betty , HAMJAM



There are two brothers, these two men, affined and bound by blood did form a band, and that band is MIND CANARY. About a year ago our sister was wed, in a chapel. During the reception a small few of the giant congregation migrated to the outdoors to JAM! Conal started playing 'Goin out west' by 'Tom Waits' and Jake bashed some plastic trash bins with logs, it was sounding brutal. After passing around a few acoustics and mixing it up on our make-do drum kit (2 bins) the jam was a success. Everybody drank and ate and went to sleep and that was the end of it...UNTIL! A few days after the wedding (Clearly we both needed time to ingest what was about to happen) Conal suggested that we sounded rehearsed and we should start a band. In a bedroom in our mums house the first of the songs were played and decided over. We had about a handful of songs and excitement in our bones.


Review by Poppy Poppy

06 Mar 2014


Beautiful track,...

Beautiful track, it has a complete sound.

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Reviewed by Wilson and Ball Wilson and...

09 Jan 2014


There are some s...

There are some songs that really shouldn't be on the radio , and then you get this amazing tune with no airplay. Fantastic all round song !

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