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Hip Hop

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Smizzy (rapper) & Ntaprize (DJ / Producer / Multi-Instrumentalist)


The Internet, Chet Faker, Kenrick Lamar

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When Smizzy wrote the hook for Mind Over Matter’s new single ‘American Girl’, he had one man in mind to sing it. That person was a Grammy Award winning, US artist, but actually getting him on the track seemed an unattainable feat.

After approaching some friends to try their luck at singing the irrefutably catchy melody, Smizzy was feeling disheartened, none were able to scale the bar that he had set. But then, Smizzy remembered he was an optimist, and so decided to approach, via Facebook message, a Mr. Matthew Santos.

Matthew Santos is most commonly known for his work with Lupe Fiasco album The Cool, and more notably on Lupe’s lead single ‘Superstar’ (for which he won the Grammy),

A couple of weeks passed, when all of a sudden a reply from Santos appeared in Smizzy’s inbox. Santos apologised for the delayed response, and proceeded to say that he’d love to have a run at the chorus.

Within two days Santos sent his vocals to Mind Over Matter, and the result was mind blowing.

‘American Girl’ is a clever commentary about how contemporary Australian society has been so heavily influenced by the American media.

“Steph decided to skip lunch for six months /
She wants a man so she goes to the gym tons /
Chris invited her round for a dip once /
But she turned him down cos she hates herself in swim trunks /

The increase in superficialities has resulted in an increase in the insecurities of today’s society, which is creatively highlighted through the characters Smizzy mentions.

The track’s upbeat production courtesy of Matik (Seth Sentry, Drapht) and Jon Reichardt (Hilltop Hoods, Bliss n Eso), features horn lines and driving drum beats, which contrast with Santos’s smooth and powerful vocals on the hook.

‘American Girl’ is the lead single off Mind Over Matter’s forthcoming album The Cover which is scheduled for release in early 2016.