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Sounds like

Gojira, Coal Chamber,

band members

David Lang - Guitars Simon Benham - Drums Mado Barker - Bass Jens Schoenfelder - Vocals


Meshuggah, Machine Head, Gojira, Tool.

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It just works. 4 guys. 4 instruments. A lot of work and a hell of a lot of love. We've put together a creative anomaly. Something very identifiable yet unable to be dropped into a definable genre. Simon, David, Mado & Jens have put together a sonic experience that will make you feel better about yourself afterwards. Intensity in the tracks and stage. Approachable and humble off it. They have an approach similar to life. Take it with both hands and kick its ass. Minds?End is about freedom. Openness. The ability to receive the new and morph with inevitable changes in thought. Belief is a construct. Ideas can be changed. They'll bring you heavy music and help break necks in a moshpit all the while with smiles and love. They want the world to wake up. But they'll do it with compassion. Only the sound is brutal.