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Rock, Roots

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Miners Club

band members

Tom Baker - Vox, Acoustic (UK/SA) Sam North - Bass (Tumby Bay SA) Bronte McCallum - BVox,Rythm (Carawa SA) William McCallum - BVox,Lead,Keys (Carawa SA) Oliver McCallum - Drums (Carawa SA)


Moustache Jefferson

Unearthed artists we like

Amundsens Flag, The Baron, Abeyant, Joshy Willo


Imagine Mark Lanegan in the outback. The Arcade Fire huddled around a camp fire. Vocals as thick as tar, lyrics as sharp as crocodile teeth and a sound as desolate and grandiose as, well, the place they first echoed onto tape. These are grubby faced, golden age tunes, brought into the light with a dying art. Inspired by Mustache Jefferson and the Gas Canaries during the 1953 Miners rebellion Miners Club comprises of the infamous EP Grunge quartet Amundsen’s Flag and Tom Baker from Indie band Nexus Bloom. Miners Club is sickly thick, immersive and dangerously addictive with quirky melodies, choir like vocals and a perfect sonic rawness. Miners Club have been together for two years. The band has appeared on BBC radio and has played prestigious slots at UK festivals like Bestival with Lily Allen, MGMT, Massive Attack and Florence and the Machine. The bands Debut album "Ghosts Of Ben-Avon" (2008) was recorded on the family farm "Carawa EP". A new album is due for release in the next month.