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Mason Somerville - vocals, rythm guitar Caellyen Somerville- Djembe,Kahun Matt Robinson - vocal, lead guitar, Paul Thorsen - Bass, Double Bass


Dispatch, Barefoot truth


Minority tradition was formed on the foreshores of Henley Beach in early 2010. The band members comprise of good friends Mason, Caellyen, Matt and Paul. They would like to believe that their songs give breath to hope in a world of chaos and misunderstanding. Optimistic, uplifting and beautiful, they want their lyrics to draw you into their experiences of pain and hope. Their songs are based on experiences of asylum seekers, Homelessness, Indigenous Australia, their own stories and also the beauty of community. The band strives to better themselves and their world always and love that they can use music to share their passions. They want to continue to live the Minority Tradition Way and hope to continue to write songs that inspire and engage.