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Electronic, Pop

Sounds like

James Blake, Joni Mitchell

band members

Josh Schuberth - Vocals, all instruments and production.


Miracle Pill is a studio project created by Sydney producer and multi-instrumentalist Josh Schuberth. Josh has built a reputation as a highly sought after producer, and also a session drummer for artists such as Josh Pyke and Brooke Fraser. Miracle Pill is a creative outlet for his own inspiration. Having toured and recorded relentlessly for the past 10 years, Josh had felt creatively burnt out. Lacking inspiration to pursue any of his own music, he had reached a low point in his creative life. One day whilst mucking around with a software sampler, Josh found inspiration in the tiny details of slowed down samples. This was the "Miracle Pill" that brought his creativity back to life and inspired his first project for many years. For fans of the Princess Bride, this reference will make complete sense. For anyone else, go out and watch that film!!! Having become interested in the sonic qualities of many electronic producers and artists such as James Blake and Purity Ring, Josh realised that his favourite moments were when these artists were able to marry electronic sounds and textures with amazing songs. He decided to explore this idea further by selecting a collection of his favourite songs by his favourite artists and recording them in a new context. Most of these songs have been made famous by female singers, which has allowed Josh to approach the songs from a new perspective.



23 Apr 2013


nice voice

nice voice