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Dance, Electronic, Indie, Pop

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Spencer Arbuckle & Joshua Chan


Soft Hair, Mild High Club, Salami Rose Joe Lewis, Homeshake, Infinite Bisous, Tyler The Creator, Her's, MF DOOM, Jerry Paper, Zack Villere, Temporex



The brainchild of Demon Days' Joshua Chan and Spencer Arbuckle, Miraud is the meeting of two minds who've been kicking around the Perth music scene for a couple of years now. Chan has been setting stages alight with Demon Days for a while now as they become one of the state's more buzzworthy acts, whilst also dabbling deeper into production for the likes of Your Girl Pho and Kopano. Simultaneously, Arbuckle has been carving a name for himself with an exciting live show and darker, nu-jazz sounds, recently taking to travel and growing as a strong artist in his own right.

Earlier this year they began swapping ideas, which quickly expanded into already having a full album under their new moniker Miraud. Single #1, autopilot! A woozy, off-kilter jam that meanders at a leisurely pace thanks to Chan's dreamy synth work, and Arbuckle's unique vocal takes, sets the tone for an album that has caught many peoples attention around the world already. Covering many themes of anxiety/mental health, artificial intelligence, toxic masculinity and homosexuality, the album is full of analyzations and past experiences explained metaphorically and literally by Arbuckle set with the backdrop of Chans fantastic instrumental work.


Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

25 Jun 2018

Triple J

Makes sense to learn these two are in Perth's Demon Days. Sleek and up for a boogie.

Makes sense to learn these two are in Perth's Demon Days. Sleek and up for a boogie.