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enya, jonie mitchell, carol king

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misdivine and guests


life, everyone, everything


Ask Misdivine what she wants people to hear when they listen to her music and the talented songwriter will answer, "My range. I want them to hear all of the musical influences from folk to rock/blues to hiphop to ambient instrumentals. I want them to really hear the messages in my songs, to connect with other people through these messages and be inspired. I want to unite the world 'one song at a time' On 11/11/11 misdivine started her online music challenge - 'MISDIVINE MUSIC CHALLENGE - - This involved Misdivine writing, recording and releasing an original song everyday for 200 days. At the end of 7 long months Misdivine has written enough material for nearly 20 albums - over 16 hours worth of music. Misdivine put this challenge up as a way of encouraging herself and other musicians to keep the creative process going. Misdivine says, "I love music with a passion. I have been playing and enjoying music for my entire life, and there is nothing I would rather be doing. I write to suit my mood/inspiration, and every song varies from instrumentation, style, melodic composition to the artists I play with. I would love to travel the world collecting songs, sharing experiences with friends new and old. I write and record all my songs at home: the actual production of music is one of my interests as well. Please jump on board the Misdivine Music Challenge and help share my music with the world. Happy listening!!!