Artist info


Dance, Metal, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Mr Bungle, The Barons of Tang, Opeth, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis

band members

Sam Morris - guitar Patrick Reed - tenor saxophone, keys Kyle Opie - bass Stuart Mann - drums


Mr Bungle, The Barons of Tang, UnexpecT, Opeth

Unearthed artists we like

Ellipsis, Max Madman & The Heck Yeahs



Misfits of Sythia formed in mid-2012 with the idea of composing music that combined elements of Progressive Rock and Metal with Jazz and Folk music. The ensemble began as a sextet with Sam Morris and Matt Kovac on guitar, Thomas Alexander on bass, Stuart Mann on drums, Patrick Reed on saxophone and Demi Alexander on accordian. Each of these members met through the Heathfield High School Music program.

During 2012 Sam, Stuart and Thomas began composing, highly influnced by the likes of the Barons of Tang and Mr. Bungle, and the band performed at school events every few months.

Although the Misfits of Sythia often describe their music as a combination of jazz fusion, metal and folk, there are elements of many other genres such as art rock, progressive metal, dark cabaret, drone, blues and third wave ska. One of the most notable characteristics of Misfits of Sythia’s music is the use of odd time signatures. This is directly traceable to Sam and Stuart’s progressive metal background.

At the beginning of 2013 the Misfits of Sythia was joined by Maddy Arnold on the viola. In March and April the band had their first few performances playing to an audience other than fellow music students. The first two were at the Lenswood Harvest Fair and the GumaROCKa festival. The third was a band competition in Murray Bridge as a part of the 2013 National Youth Week events. The ensemble went up against 7 other acts and received an honourable mention for their performance. The band's most recent performance was at the Imaginate Festival's Battle of the Bands at which they received the People's Choice award.

The band is currently operating as a 4-piece ensemble with Kyle Opie of Ellipsis on Bass and together they recorded their debut E.P. 'Automatonophilia' released on 19th of March 2014 via their bandcamp.